Scenic Flights

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Basic Tour

The Basic Tour includes all the must-see locations the area has to offer. You will experience a quick tour through around Kearney. The tour is approximately 30 minutes long. The Basic Tour starts at $100.00

Plan Your Own Flight

The Plan Your Own Flight gives you the freedom to fly wherever you want. If you want to fly over your house. Do it! Wherever you want to go. We can make it happen. As long, as it is within 25 miles. The Plan Your Own Flight package price will vary depending on the length of the flight.


Q:   How many people can go?

A:   We are limited to taking up to three people or up to 350 pounds.

Q:   How much does each additional person cost?

A:   It does not cost any extra for additional people.

Q:   How far can we fly?

A:   We are limited to 25 miles.